In the Words of a Grateful Inmate


Daniel* (name has been changed) with head bent, hands in prayer (photo courtesy of MBA Project)

One day, after co-facilitating a mindfulness/meditation class in San Mateo Juvenile Hall for the Mind-Body Awareness Project, an African-American teenaged boy whose skin always shone so brightly gifted me with a card. The card is blue, depicting the beauty and mystery of undersea life: turtles, fish, dolphins are all swimming about. The color of the coral is so alive I feel it is about to speak.

Inside, is a magazine clipping: THE MAKING OF A LEGEND, it reads boldy, edges all frayed. There is a kind of raw authenticity to the way his letters are all neatly formed, text moving upward, suggesting the dawn of hope and newly perceived possibility. It reads:

Thank you so much for taking your time,

to give me wisdom and tools that will help me better my life.

I looked forward to meditation every week

I will miss it even though I’m glad to be getting out

I won’t forget what you have taught me.

You always bring a good Presents with you and good spirits.

Thank You. . .”

Sometimes I find myself at my end but

I always remember life goes on.

Some days are harder than others

but I have to remember life goes on.

We all experience hurt and pain,

sorrow and vein but

I must remember life goes on.

Through rainy days and stormy nights,

when I feel lonely and have no hope in sight

I must remember Life goes on

You can learn more about my teaching experiences with MBA Project by reading: “The Joy that Dwells Far Within Slow Time” and “The Highest Yoga.

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