Prisoner of My Mind

This poem was inspired by the work I do with youth in juvenile halls and women in a Redwood City rehabilitation center.

"The Dhamma Brothers" is a terrific book and documentary that explores meditation in prison - and the prison of the mind (photo courtesy of

Help me! Please!

I am trapped.



Inside the iron walls

of hatred




and ignorance.

For ignore I have

the goodness that

is there,

seeking to free me.

Freedom is

the gentle fierceness

of a fearless

state of mind.

When the ego dies,

the soul awakens.

In silence and stillness,

the serenity of the soul

survives – and thrives.

You can learn more about the work I do with prison youth from reading: “In the Words of a Grateful Inmate,” “The Highest Yoga” and “The Joy That Dwells Far Within Slow Time.”

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