Love Comes

This poem speaks to the many manifestations of love – the love between parent and child. Student and teacher. Lover and beloved. The love between friends. And the great Love that exists as the underlying substratum of the universe, the truth of our very being.

Love Comes

Love comes

and love goes

All the spiritual masters are embodiments of Love; meditation is a wonderful practice to get in touch with this great Love that resides within us all, as Jesus is doing in this photo (courtesy of

Better hold on lightly,

Letting it pass through

your fingers.

Love has a way of


Again and again

in new ways,

on new days.

Love cannot be measured,


or even spoken.

Love is a feeling, deep inside,

that comes even

as it goes.

In fact, Love never leaves.

Love is as real

As you can allow yourself

to feel.

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