The Light of Love

I used to be scared of dogs, until I met Saya…Saya was abandoned at birth and found on the highway. He was going to be put to sleep as a puppy, when my Ayurveda teacher Shunya ji read his story on an online forum. She and her husband Sanjai ji went to meet him on a dark, rainy day in October 2002, and actually forgot his exact address, but somehow ended up right at his house; the first door they rang (with all the houses on that street looking exactly the same) was his!  Continue reading

The Greatest Journeys

While visiting the glorious Akshardam Temple in New Delhi, India last winter, I remember being deeply struck by this quote from British Historian Arnold Toynbee:

It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending, if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in human history, the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way. Here we have the attitude and spirit that can make it possible for the human race to grow together into a single family.

While Hinduism has unfortunately been guilty of just as many religion-based conflicts as any other organized religion these days, what Toynbee so eloquently refers to here is the true essence of Hinduism, which is not Indian at all, but rather expresses the essence of that which is universal and eternal in nature.  Continue reading