Songs of the Body

This was written as a tribute, ode and a love poem to the spiritual practice of hatha yoga (the yoga of asanas, or poses). Though I can no longer have as intense of a physical practice as I once did, due to a chronic cracking joint condition, my love of yoga has certainly transcended my body and become part of my day to day, minute to minute, breath to breath existence. Continue reading

Rhythm of the Heart

This poem is dedicated to the true meaning of Yoga: the union of the individual soul (jivatman) with the universal soul (paramatman). It is a celebration of the process whereby a person comes to know and see him or herself in the heart of all other beings: the end of the false belief that we are separate and the beginning, one could say, of the life in and of the soul, which knows only unity and solidarity with all that is. Continue reading

Thank You, Rain

I recently had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Angeles Arrien, a powerful Native American spiritual teacher, healer and anthropologist who wrote “The Fourfold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary.” In it, she reflects on the season of Winter:

“Many native peoples attribute the way of the Warrior to the direction of the North, the home of Father Sky, and all birds and winged creatures. Winter is the season that is most attributed among some shamanic societies to the direction of the North. Winter is the season for incubation, gestation and consolidation. Continue reading